Wheels and complete wheels

It doesn´t get easier than this!
The fastest way to a full-mounted wheel inevitably leads through tyremotive.
As a tyre wholesaler, car dealer or car service station you can have your fullmounted wheels pictured on our web shop comfortably and fast in just a few clicks. Due to our widespread offer, millions of variations are possible, paired with the suitable RDKS/TPMS system. Excellent for your counseling interview: Our high quality 3D- and 2D-pictures provide a realistic impression of each wheel on numerous cars.
Utilize our offer for montage and get the finished full-mounted wheel (balanced including a TMPS instruction) delivered to your doorstep in only a few days. Aside from our own wheel brand itWheels, we supply a vast number of premium brand products.
Just take a look and convince yourself!
We are looking forward to working with you and also to welcoming you in our facility for personal consultancy.
These are our core service advantages in the field of wheel and full-mounted wheels :

  •  Free and unrestricted use
  •  Millions of combination variations including suitable RDKS/TPMS system
  •  3D- and 2D-full-mounted wheel configuration
  •  Superior cost-performance ratio
  •  In-house brand itWheels
  •  Access to COC- and TÜV-data including construction manuals
  •  Full-mounted wheel service
  •  Fast delivery via DPD or GLS
  •  Delivery of completely finished goods (including balancing and TPMS manual)
  •  Sophisticated team for TPMS and RunFlat